Our warranty term is one year from the purchase date through our official dealers. 

  • It covers the blank breakage due to FISHING ONLY. 
  • It does NOT cover breakage from such as: 
    • Bending the rod with hand, weight, or object. 
    • Accidental, Non-fishing-related damage.
    • Swinging or lifting the fish up to the boat with the rod alone. Please make sure to grab the line, and use a net, or a gaff to bring the fish up. 
    • High-sticking. 
  • It does NOT cover component issues (Guides, reel seat, handle, other than the blank). We have spare guides for some models. We can mail replacement guides.  
  • The 1st replacement is free (except for shipping cost). The second replacement will be 40% off the current retail price in addition to the shipping cost. The 2nd replacement with the discount is if it breaks again within a year from the purchase date.  

Warranty Claim Instruction:

  • Email us at [email protected] with the following information:
    • A Valid Purchase Receipt with the date from our official dealers. (NOTE: Please make sure to keep the receipt. Without it, we cannot proceed with the full warranty.)
    • Photos of the broken rod.
    • How it broke.
    • Shipping Address.
  • Once we receive all the required information above, we will contact you with the instructions and the details. 

Handling & Cautions:

  • Multi-piece Rod: Please make sure the joint pieces are tightened (by twisting, but not too tight that you can't take them apart) from time to time while fishing. If they get loose, it will break while casting, or fighting a fish. NOTE: The rod will get loose if you are constantly casting. We highly advise you to double-check check time to time. 
  • Please be careful NOT to drop or hit the rod/blank to the hard surface, or object. It will cause the rod to break while fishing. This is because carbon fiber is prone to cracking from collision. 
  • Please do NOT swing or bring the fish up to the boat with the rod alone. 
  • Please do NOT touch the tip section while the fish is on. It can break the rod due to the tension. 


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