Ultra Light Action! Black Hole USA 8'6

Ultra Light Surf Series! Black Hole USA 8'6" Suzuki II UL Surf Rod!

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"Chunky Fish on Ultra Light Surf rod  The life of a field tester is to put our products to the test! Taking the lightest surf rod we carry and chasing Fall Striped Bass on super light tackle presentation makes for an epic bendo and fight! Not only did I catch a 28” Barracuda in Aruba on this rod but it’s also being used in my home waters of Rhode Island as I’m able to cast longer distances with my smaller bait and Lure in a seldom fish for the dwindling season. Overall, this rod can jump from both waters in salt and fresh. Designed to give you the lightest advantages but with a backbone to withstand the thrusts of a power fighting fish!" 

Rod - @blackholeusa 8’6” Suzuki Special UL 1/4 - 1.5 Oz 

Reel - @daiwausa 3000 Legalis 

Line - @yozuri_lures Super Braid 10lb 

Lure - @fishsnaxlures Albie snax Amber color 

Shop - @riversidemarinari Be sure to stay tuned as I travel the world with my @blackholeusa rods in search of the waters most sought-after inshore species!