Tuna Bendo! 350g Cape Cod Special Spiral Jigging Rod by #BlackHoleUSAProStaff Capt. James!

Bendo Time! Black Hole USA Cape Cod Special 350g Jigging Rod vs. Tuna!

Tuna Bendo! #BlackHoleUSAProStaff Capt. James @reg24solarium ‘s favorite tuna inshore jigging rod; the Black Hole USA Cape Cod Special 350g Spiral Jigging Rod! This rod is designed to handle the toughest of tuna and is perfect for jigging inshore! 


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"So often I’m asked, which jigging rod for inshore tuna? And without hesitation I can say the cape cod special 350gm acid wrapped. We’ve handled fish to 70” on these light strong rods. I’ve never felt under gunned. Talica 16/20 or an alutecnos gorilla 12, 65lb braid and full send. Cannot wait to get my hands on the 6’ version for chunking. @blackholeusa @401_fishing"