The Ultimate Giant Tuna Setup by #BlackHoleUSAProStarff Peter @landsthelimitfishing from Gibraltar!

Monster Class Tuna Fishing in Gibraltar! Black Hole USA 7' Giant Custom-Built Rod

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"For years we traditionally fished giant bluefin tuna on 130lb setups mounted on the gunnels with the line being pulled into the reel … wicked tuna style. I had always fished juvenile bluefin in the 50kg range on a light 50lb setup, when one day we hooked a 110kg fish on it and landed it. That fish sparked the idea … it’s time for change the traditional way of fishing giants had partially lost its excitement me and I wanted to try something new. Looking around and blanks there was only one rod which ticked all the boxes I wanted a blank which even if I tried I couldn’t break giving me the confidence to dominate the fish, had length so I could clear the outboard and keep the fish away from the boat without using the engine and had the flexibility to keep me from having a bad back when I grow old. Looking at blanks of all types there was only one that gave me the confidence the Black Hole Giant 7’ or 6’ blank. This rod which was built for me by Estany Custom rods is one of a pair of the best rods I’ve used for bluefin tuna and give me the confidence to fight the biggest bluefin on standup gear without my back or the rod breaking in the process."

Black Hole USA 7’ Giant Blank Tiagra 50w lrsa 

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