Q&A about the Challenger Bank III Travel Series 763M Rod. Answered by #BlackHoleUSAProStaff

Q: Can the Challenger Bank III Travel 763M Rod handle schoolie tuna in the 20 - 50lb range? 

A: Ed @pescatosis, Texas: “I will confidently say this rod can handle schoolie tuna up to 50 pounds. However, there are a few things I would consider. I think the conventional/casting model would be better equipped for tuna, as once you get to those heavier fish the spinning model may experience the reel stall out during the later stages of the fight in deeper water. In shallow water or in a small watercraft that you can move the boat to create a better fight angle, both the spinning and casting model should be able to get the job done, especially on that 30-pound or less grade of fish. Consider the line and drag of the set-up you intend to use, this rod won’t be very comfortable in “muscling” the fish to the boat, but you won’t feel under-gunned in my opinion!” 

A: Capt.Jimmy @dkoutalakis, MA: “I do not recommend targeting fish in that caliber & size for this rod. I don’t think is designed for fish that powerful. However, it is definitely suited for stripers, blue fish & any bottom fish. I can also say that is one of my personal favorites now!!!” 

A: Ralph @ralphscaglione_rodwinder_, NY: “The rod can handle it with fish up to 50 pounds I wouldn’t go for anything larger than that though.”