Q & A: Rod Recommendations for fishing in Kenya (Red Snapper, Grouper, Trevally)


"I'm from Kenya, looking for a spinning rod setup for fishing grouper, red snapper, and trevally (max size 60 lb) in depth water sea max 600 ft. Any recommendations?"

Answers by #BlackHoleUSAProStaff:

Josh @sandiegoslay, CA: “Those are two different setups in my book. A setup specifically for targeting fish at 600’ and another setup for targeting fish on the surface with a popper. But if you are in a position where you can only have one, I would recommend the Challenger Bank 801 spinning H. The rod has the power to lift 60lb fish from the depths but also has the casting grip and rod flex for cast-ability.” 

Capt.Tim @hailmaryfishing, CT: “Cape Cod Special 350g Spinning Rod” 

Jonathan @jonmsilvaa, RI: “Challenger Bank 731 Heavy should handle both jigging and popping. Normally I’d dedicate a rod to jigging and one for popping due to sizing and comfort but with the 731 Challenger Bank, you should still get the both of both worlds.” 

Theo @pop_n_pray, UAE: “Big difference between popping and sending something down 600ft. Honestly recommend going for 2 different rods. I have fished in Kenya before and there are some really big fish! Popping: Nano 8ft will be great as you can use it for GT and Tuna. For the option to send a bait or jig down 600ft, I'd need more information. I know Kenya has a very strong current so you need to have a weight or jig and also a thin braid. I’ve dropped 800g jigs there in 600ft and didn’t touch the bottom.” 

Ed @pescatosis, TX: “The Challenger Bank 731H is a slam-dunk choice for the specific request, especially if the priority is fishing deeper water with heavy weights/jigs. The Challenger rods are the essence of versatility. It is a strong rod, but I’m confident in its ability to sling a surface lure if need be and has the length to do so. Pairing this with a 14000 size reel and PE4 line could make for a great do-it-all rod. The Magic Eye 804S is a bit of an unconventional choice, especially if you see yourself doing more popping than jigging. It is of course a great popping rod for medium-sized fish, but something I have noticed and appreciated is how parabolic and comfortable this rod can be, and I have been very confident doing shallow water jigging to 200’ with this rod. Simply comes down to the preferences of rod length, as 8 feet can be a bit long for jigging. I’d also pair this rod with a 14000 reel, PE4 line. If there is a chance of targeting heavier fish, I think the Cape Cod Special popping 7’6 graphite is a rod solid choice as well, pairing with an 18000 size reel and PE6 line. Cheers, and best of luck!” 

Alberto @betocesena, Mexico: “For bottom fishing, I will use: Cape Cod special jigging rod 56s with Shimano twin power 10000 and Cape Cod special nano 8”0 with Shimano Stella 14000.”