Q & A: Northeast Bluefin Rod Recommendations by #BlackHoleUSAProStaff


"I am looking for a blank recommendation. I am looking at the Cape Cod Specials. Feel free to advise if I should pick another model. 

I bluefin fish in the northeast. Primarily for recreational fish, but I do catch and release giants at times. I am looking for a lighter tackle setup that I can use to troll spreader bars and jigs as well. 

I am curious to hear your thoughts."


Peter @landsthelimitfishing, Gibraltar:  "I think the customer has chosen correctly for the type of fishing intended. I’d recommend one of the Cape Cod special jigging rods. Light but powerful and can be used for both trolling and jigging.” 

Dan @mr_tunaman, FL: “I think that the Black Hole USA 6’ Giant blank paired with a Penn 50 would be fantastic for them. This will allow them to do just about everything they would like for Bluefin, and the canyons as well if they end up going out that way.” 

James @reg24solarium, CT: “Personally, I think the new Cape Cod Special Jigging 550g is made for just this purpose!” 

Jimmy @dkoutalakis, MA: “For the purpose of recreational fish, the Cape Cod Special 450g is definitely suitable & the new 6’ Cape Cod Special 550g. It will definitely be good all around + for Giants. You can also use the 6-foot Giant blank and have a custom built, but I think it will be overkill for smaller fish!!” 

Edward @pescatosis, TX: “I think the new Cape Cod 6’ blank likely offers the best of all worlds in this scenario. It is a purpose-built jigging rod, but it also has the length and stout that would allow you to use it for trolling purposes. I have the 5’8 and it is a strong rod, but definitely easy and comfortable to use for jigging hard. I think the only other options that could be considered would be the Giant blanks or the Big Game Popping blank. These rods each have some purpose and distinct strengths that could favor the angler’s needs.”

Ralph @ralphscaglione_rodwinder_, NY: "If they are looking to go with a Cape Cod special I would go with the 550g as this will be the most powerful while still being light in weight."

Tim @hailmaryfishing, CT: "Cape Cod Special 450g is good."

John @squidkid142, NY: "I believe in the right tool for the right use. Trolling for BFT as you never know what you can get schoolies and giants to feed together, I would go with one of the giant rods built on a Winthrop adjustable butt. As for jigging 350gm or 450gm either will work. Yes, it's a more expensive option but try jigging with something that's not made for jigging see how your arms feel after. Sometimes you really have to work the jig stick for a while to get a bite. As for trolling with a rod made for jigging? I have already seen one break at the butt and a Talica went swimming. Factory jig rods are not meant to be trolled. If you custom build a Cape Cod special with an aluminum butt and rollers, that will work but you are back to how long are you gonna jig with that. So right tool for the right job."