Q & A: Fluke Jigging Rod Recommendations


Hello, I fish for fluke in the bay and inshore. 

Jigging from 3/4 oz. In the bay 2 - 3 oz. inshore. 

Would you recommend the Challenger Bank 691UL or 701L?

Also, please recommend the reel to fit the appropriate rod. 

Answers by #BlackHoleUSAProStaff

"701L is my #1 choice. I fished that myself all the time, even in deep water up to 8 oz. 

Penn Fathom, low profile 300HS Reel."

Capt. Jimmy of On Time, MA.

"701L! Light enough to jig as small as 1/2 oz. bucktail and built with a backbone to vertical jig and rig, weight up or over 2 oz. A 3 - 5 lb fluke can really pull drag, so having a reel that can allow you to easily lift without pulling a hook is key. 

I would recommend a Shimano Stradic 3000

If you prefer affordable, the Daiwa Legalis 3000 packs over 20 lb of drag for under $100. Both reels I use on a daily basis rely heavily on."

Brian, MA.

"701L for sure. The 691UL is too light. 

I'd go with a Shimano Stradic 3K reel, or Daiwa Ballistic LT 3K. If he was jigging 3/4 -1 1/2 oz., then the 691UL."

Anthony, NY.

"The 701L is made for this application! For spinning I'd go with a Shimano 4000 size reel, conventional I would choose a Shimano Tranx 300. Both with 20 lb braid. The Challenger Bank has the power to lift big doormat flukes and the sensitivity to feel the lightest bites."

James, CT.

"I prefer to use the 701L spinning with a 3K size reel like Daiwa BGMQ or Shimano Stradic. I prefer spinning rods for fluke fishing as the rod is easier to hold, which makes jigging easier. In the conventional setups, there is no easy way to hold the rod because of the reel, and the rod wants to rotate down from the weight of the reel, even with small bait casters."

John, NY.

"I would use the 691UL built spinning to fish in the bay with a 2500 size Shimano or Daiwa, and for inshore fishing with 2 - 3 oz., I would use the 701L. I have my own 701L built conventional and use an Abu Revo Winch baitcasting reel. If spinning is preferred, I would use a Daiwa or Shimano 3000-size reel. Hope this helps."

Ralph, NY.

"I would suggest using 691UL if more experienced and would like to fish as light as possible and most feel sensitivity. I would use Shimano Twin Power 2500 - 3000 or Shimano Stradic 2500 - 3000 (budget). If conventional is preferred, I would suggest Quantum Accurist Casting Reel 100HPT."

Kalvin, NY.

"701L for sure. You'll be able to still have the proper action with that rod. For a spinning reel recommendation - Shimano Stradic 3000 or 4000 series with 20 lb. braid. Conventional reel, I'd really suggest the Shimano Tranx 301. Fluorocarbon Leader attached roughly 5 - 6 feet long with a dropper look 2' from the end of the line with a teaser."

Jonathan, RI.