Q & A: Blackfish Rod Recommendations (6 ~ 14 oz lead)


"Can you recommend one of your rods to use in tough conditions when a pound of lead is required to hold bottom? Conventional rod, for blackfish primarily."

Answers by #BlackHoleUSAProStaff

Jonathan @jonmsilvaa: “A pound of straight lead is A LOT of weight for any type of fishing rod no matter the brand or type. The most I’ve used tuna fishing is 13oz of lead and that was with the Black Hole Cape Cod Special 450 gram. That’s a shorter style rod for black fish but should have enough backbone to really handle that weight. Could also try the 7’3” Challenger Bank heavy action."

Capt.Jimmy @dkoutalakis: “The Challenger 731M or MH. I am sure these rods can handle that much weight and type of fishing!!!”

John @squidkid142:Challenger bank 761MH or the H. Another rod to consider is the cape cod specials 350gm or 450gm if a shorter rod is preferred.”