Q & A: A Jigging Rod Recommendations


A jigging rod. Looking for a recommendation. PE 2 - 4 (20 - 40 lb)spinning jig weight 150 - 250g. 

Answers by #BlackHoleUSAProStaff

For the jigging, can’t go wrong with the Cape Cod Special jigging one piece 150g for spinning in that category. I’ve not put fish on it but it’s like fishing with a feather and knowing how unbelievably powerful the 350 and 450g series are, I can’t imagine a better choice. 

Ed, TX

For the jigging rod, I would probably go with the Cape Cod Special 1pc jigging 150g

Peter, Gibraltar

The Cape Cod Special 150 gram is a good fit for that jig size and depending on the target species and fish size you can jump up to the 250 gram as well. 

Josh, CA

Pretty simple answer!! Cape Cod Special spinning 250gm 54S for the jigging rod. Light and sensitive but tons of power. I’ve landed 100lb bluefin on one personally.  

Jim, CT

150g Cape Cod Special jigging should be perfect for light jigging.  

John, FL

One of the best jigging rods I have used is the Cape Cod 250gm and 150gm jigs will work with no problem. 

John, NY