New Freshwater Series! Black Hole USA Hyper Freshwater Series! Approved by #BlackHoleUSAProStaff Josh @sandiegoslay

Black Hole USA Freshwater Hyper Rod Cast To Catch!! Excited to announce the @blackholeusa Freshwater Medium Heavy 7’ 11” moderate fast action rod, will be released next week! 

This rod is perfect for fishing structures with 1/2oz to 2oz jigs. Perfect for that wintertime structure fishing! 

**Shore pound run down** Headed to a lake I hit in the winter months for some shoreline action. From all the rain this year the trees were thick and made 80% of the area not fishable. After losing 4 jigs, I relocated and decided to fish the edge of the rock pile. Without electronics, it’s tough to know what you are fishing. You can see me eyeing the shoreline and lining up the exposed rocks and trees to get the best visual into the underwater structure. Once I was popping the jigs in some good rocks I got absolutely smacked off the bounce. Right off the hook set, he was in a tree, and with constant pressure and heavy line, the rod was able to set him free and land the fish.

 Two major standouts for me about this rod are how easy it is to cast a jig as well as the power it has on the hook set and pulling fish out of structures or sticks. 

My absolutely favorite type of bass fishing, hands down! Will be out next week!! 

By: #BlackHoleUSAProStaff Josh @sandiegoslay