A Giant Ulua from HI! Congratulations to @sehlam_ccc Black Hole USA East Coast Special 11' Light Surf Rod!

62 lb Ulua from HI! Black Hole USA 11' East Coast Special Light Surf Rod

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"62 lb ULUA OFF THE LURE I just cannot believe it ! I got Mama G !!!! The amount of power is just unreal. Saltiga got tested and my after 8 minutes of tug of war …. Was able to land em. Sadly was hooked in the throat and fighting em that long, it was all torn up. Fish died not to long after it was landed. What a fish ! What a fight ! Missed the initial hit and buggah came back right by my feet and took off ! A fish of a life time for sure. Plugging journey was mayjah ! Not sure what else is to come but as of this moment…. This is beyond what I asked for. Beyond grateful fo erything."

My Gear Pole - 11’ Black Hole East Coast Special Light (time fo one upgrade haha) 

Reel - 14000 saltiga 2020 

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